Attendance Policy

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential to run smoothly. We want to establish guidelines that will ensure a consistent and fair approach to solving attendance problems. Therefore, we have developed the following attendance policy.

Employees are expected to be at work and to work a full workweek, except for authorized absences. Authorized absences include the following:

Vacation time scheduled in advance.
Sick leave.
Death in your family.
Emergency situations beyond your control.

Notification Procedure:

To obtain an authorized absence you must call in and let the appropriate person know that you are unable to come to work.The call should be made no later than your regular starting time.

As for notifying someone that you will be late to work or will be leaving early, we ask that you use your best judgment and report this to the correct person in a timely manner.

Failure to Notify:
If you don’t come to work and don’t notify a supervisor, we have the right to determine if you will be allowed to come back to work. Our policy for unauthorized absences of three or more consecutive days without notice will be considered as a voluntary termination and we will remove you from our payroll.

If you are repeatedly absent without authorization, you could be subject to suspension or termination.

I have read and been informed about the content, requirements, and expectations of the attendance policy for Selective Staffing. I have received a copy of the policy and agree to abide by the policy guidelines as a condition of my employment and my continuing employment at your agency. I understand that if I have questions at any time regarding the attendance policy, I will consult with my immediate supervisor, or call the office at (815) 717-6312. Please read the policy carefully to ensure that you understand the policy before signing this document.

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